Join the Florida Society of Anesthesiologists (FSA)

To become a member, or renew your FSA membership, please contact the ASA Member Service Center at or call ASA Member Services at Toll free: (844) 403-0896  or Direct dial: (630) 912-2552

The FSA offers the following categories of membership:

FSA Membership Category  Annual Dues
Active: Doctors of medicine who are licensed in the State of Florida, and who are
engaged in the practice of Anesthesiology, who live in the state of  Florida and/or practice in the state of
Florida and who meet at least one of the following requirements:

  1. successfully completed an ACGME or AOA (or equivalent) accredited training program in anesthesiology;
  2. Certified as a Diplomate of the ABA or the equivalent in osteopathic boards;
  3. Certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada;
  4. Fellow of the Royal College of Anesthetists or equivalent organizations
Active – Military: Practicing anesthesiologists in the State of Florida, employed by the US government or practicing at a VA facility in Florida$75.00
Affiliate: Doctors of Medicine who have interest in anesthesiology; physician not in clinical practice of anesthesiology$75.00
Educational: A non-physician provider of anesthesia care, including but not limited to Advance Practice Nurse,
Dentist (DDS), Nurse Anesthetist (NA), Physician  Assistant, Veterinarian (DVM)
Educational Student: An Anesthesiologist Assistant student or a Nurse Anesthetist student$25.00
Resident/Fellow: Doctors of medicine who are engaged in full-time training in Anesthesiology residency in Florida$50.00
Medical Student: Individual in full-time training at an approved US or international medical school$10.00
Anesthesiologist Assistant: An anesthesiologist assistants who is a Fellow member in good standing of the American Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants (AAAA)$100.00
Retired MemberDoctors of medicine who are no longer actively engaged in the practice of Anesthesiology, and who have been an Active or Affiliate member of a component society of the American Society of Anesthesiologists for a minimum of (20) years or have reached the age of 70. Active members of this society who are disabled and therefore unable to engage in the practice of their profession for one year or more, shall at their request be placed in retired membership status upon receipt of a completed ASA disability waiver by the FSA Executive Director. When they resume active practice they must so notify the Office of the Executive Director and shall thereupon be reinstated as active members.$0.00

Dues waivers are available for deployed FSA Active Military members!

For general questions about FSA membership, please contact the FSA Member Services Department at 786-300-3183, Ext 138 or